Vulcan Capital Partners oversees a focused Venture Capital Fund.

The firm and its partners have a long, established and successful track record in working with management teams across a range of sectors and geographic regions to help them grow their businesses profitably. We aim to match entrepreneurial and operating management skills with an experienced and flexible private equity and management approach to help partner companies grow into more profitable and successful businesses.

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  • No set investment formula or limitations
  • A unique approach to business strategy planning
  • Cohesive partnership structures that align stakeholders interests
  • Relationship philosophies predicated upon honesty and forthrightness

Vulcan Capital invests in small to medium size businesses that require growth capital and skills. that Verso is able to provide. These skills include IT management and planning, strategic planning and sales and marketing.

Verso Capital does not have arbitrary or institutionally mandated exit time horizons and instead attempts to help facilitate continued value improvement at all investment holdings, for all stakeholders over the long term. To find out more about some of the companies we’ve invested in, Contact Us.

James Gray
Chief Executive Officer

In his mid 20’s James founded a group of companies that specialised in the distribution of learning products through both online and print mediums, before ultimately selling that group to a US based multinational conglomerate. As CEO James oversees Vulcan Capital’s investments.